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There is a story in every travel adventure whether it’s discovering a secluded bay, swimming with manta rays, or just trying to light the campground BBQ.  There’s always a story waiting to be told.


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Lake Elizabeth Platypus Tour

A Lake Elizabeth platypus tour takes you deep into Victoria’s Otway Ranges. Not only will you likely spot one of Australia’s strangest and most elusive animals, you’ll do it in beautiful location. There is a little town on the edge of the Otway Ranges called Forrest....

Giant Cuttlefish Whyalla

From June to the end of August, Whyalla, at the top of Eyre Peninsula, becomes the Australian giant cuttlefish capital of the world. Swimming with them is one of the great wildlife experiences. It’s not every day you have permission to hold your wife underwater. But...

Kununurra Sunset Cruise

The Kununurra Sunset Cruise on the BBQ boat is full of surprises. The last thing we expected was to be sharing our boat with a crocodile.‘Canoes! Can we go can canoeing?’ We’d finished setting up camp in Kununurra and were exploring our new home – the Kimberleyland...

Long Drop Toilet Survival

There are all sorts of reasons why some people just hate the idea of camping. The thought of being more than ten minutes from a coffee shop or being without a phone signal are high on the list. Throw in a deadly insect or reptile and you have another reason why people...

Something Fishy

Everybody has a love-hate relationship with something. Perhaps it’s exercising, playing golf is a common one, or maybe cooking causes you both agony and ecstasy. For me it’s fishing. I love the idea of it – feeling a good bite, buying all the gear, scouting out...

Lost! A maze adventure with kids

When the kids finally talked us into visiting the giant wooden Maze near Geelong we knew we would be in for a maze adventure we would never forget!We’ve been coming to the Bellarine Peninsula with the kids for years. Sure, there’s great coastline, adventure parks,...

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