Adelaide to Perth Road Trip Guide

An Adelaide to Perth road trip is one of the most iconic drives in Australia. It takes you to the southern Flinders Ranges and Eyre Peninsula before crossing the Nullarbor Plain and Great Australian Bight.

You will fall in love with stunning coastline around Esperance; the beaches have some of the whitest sand in Australia. On to the southwest of Western Australia and you’re in the heart or wildflower and tall tree country.

As your Adelaide to Perth Road trip nears its end, Margaret River’s beaches, food and wine is the perfect way to relax after the long drive.

Featured Image – Lake MacDonnell © Riley M Williams

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Nullarbor Road Signs
Nullarbor Road Signs

How to use our Guide for the Adelaide to Perth Drive

We have done the Drive from Adelaide to Perth three times and each time it has taken a different number of days and we have stopped to do different things.

Our recommended 3100km itinerary is not the shortest route, but we think it is the most fun and covers the best scenery and experiences.

For each leg we’ll let you know the distance between stops, things to do along the way, and some highlights at each destination. You can tailor how long you want to take at the various stops. It will change with your interests, the time of year and how long you have to do the trip.

At the end of the itinerary is a table with some FAQs like, where you can get fuel and, when the best time is to do the drive is and phone reception along the way.

Wirrabra Silo Art

Adelaide to Port Augusta

🚙 390km, 3 hours 40 minutes

Things to do on the way

  • If you stay on the main road, check out the Big Blade in Snowtown.
  • After Snowtown, take the alternate route through Melrose and stop for a pie and coffee at the amazing Stone Hut Bakery near Wirrabara. You also get some impressive views of the southern Flinders Ranges and Mount Remarkable.

Things to do in Port Augusta

Explore the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Gardens. Allow 2 hours to look around.

Possible side trips if you have time

From Port Augusta you are 2 hours from the stunning Flinders Ranges. If you have time, allow a couple of days to explore Quorn, Wilpena Pound and Parachilna Gorge or Brachina Gorge.

Streaky Bay Jetty
Streaky Bay Jetty

Port Augusta to Streaky Bay

🚙 390km, 4 hours 5 minutes

Things to do on the way

  • Check out the beautiful silo art and the Big Galah in Kimba

Things to do in Streaky Bay

We love Streaky Bay. You could easily spend 2 or 3 days looking around the area. Highlights include the sea lion swim at Baird Bay and the sea caves and blow holes on the Bauer Scenic Drive.

Read our guide to Streaky Bay attractions for other things you can do here.

Possible side trips if you have time

Explore more of Eyre Peninsula. Go south and see the rugged coastline and amazing Beaches in Lincoln National Park. If it’s an adrenaline rush you are after, go on a cage swim with a great white shark. If you would rather relax, checkout the lovely beaches in Venus, Tumby or Coffin Bay and enjoy some of the regions amazing seafood including oysters and abalone.

Bunda Cliffs Nullarbor
Bunda Cliffs Nullarbor
Penong Windmills
Penong Windmills
Whale Watching Nullarbor
Whale Watching Nullarbor

Streaky Bay to Nullarbor Roadhouse

🚙 Eucla – 600km, 6 hours from Streaky Bay

🚙 Madura – 781km, 8 hours from Streaky Bay

Things to do on the way

We always stop at Penong and look at the Windmill Museum. It’s a great site on a clear day with endless blue skies.

Things to do at the Nullarbor Roadhouse

From June to October make sure you stop at the Head of the Bight for some whale watching. This is one of the best spots for whale watching in Australia – and you might only be here once! We made a special trip here one year and spent hours watching adult whales and calves.

Make sure you hire some golf clubs and play a hole of the longest course in the world.

Read about more things you can do on the Nullarbor.

Side trips if you have time

You can take a detour 22km south of Penong to Point Sinclair – Lake MacDonnell where a blue lake and, if you are lucky, a pink lake sit side by side. If the lake is pink, it will be in summer, but the water levels need to be just right too. Even if it isn’t pink, it is an interesting sight – there is a section of road with the lakes on either side. Check at the Ceduna Visitor Centre or Penong Roadhouse to see how pink the pink lake is.

In whale season from June to October, you can go on a whale watching cruise from Fowlers Bay, 90 minutes west of Ceduna. We did this cruise and saw whales in the bay before we left the jetty.

Norseman Camels
Norseman Camels
90 Mile Straight Nullarbor
90 Mile Straight Nullarbor
Eucla Old Telegraph Station
Eucla Old Telegraph Station

Nullarbor Roadhouse to Norseman

🚙 905km, 9 hours 16 minutes

This is the biggest driving day of the trip. You can shorten it up a bit if you stop beyond the Nullarbor Roadhouse as suggested above. Definitely worth doing if it is not whale watching season.

Things to do on the way

  • Stop at Eucla and see the historic telegraph station that is being swallowed up by the sand dunes.
  • Get a picture at the start of the 90 Mile straight, the longest straight stretch of road in Australia.

Things to do in Norseman

  • Take in the views and history at Beacon Hill Lookout.
  • Go to the Visitor Centre for your certificate for crossing the Nullarbor.
  • Get a picture of Tin Camel Round about and Norseman the horse.

Possible side trips if you have time

From Norseman you can turn right and go 187km/2 hours to the mining town of Kalgoorlie. See a blast at the Super Pit, explore the town’s history at the Museum of Goldfields and visit the Mount Charlotte Water Reservoir Lookout.

From Kalgoorlie you can take the shortest route to Perth – it is only 593km away. But if you have the time and want to see more amazing scenery, we recommend turning left at Norseman and making your way 200km south to Esperance.

Cape Le Grand National Park
Cape Le Grand National Park

Norseman to Esperance

🚙 204km, 2 hours 12 minutes

Things to do in Esperance

Day trip or camp at Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park and see the whitest sand in Australia. You might even spot Kangaroos on the beach. It was a stormy day for our visit but is still one of the most beautiful places we have been to in Australia – and we saw kangaroos on the sand.

  • Do the 3km Frenchman Peak hike for awesome views of the national park.
  • See the Stonehenge replica.
  • Take in the sights from Esperance on the 38km Great Ocean Drive – the views are fantastic.
The Gap, Torndirrup National Park Credit Tourism Western Australia
The Gap, Torndirrup National Park © Tourism Western Australia

Esperance to Albany

🚙 480km, 5 hours 10 minutes

Things to do on the way

It is still on our bucket list, to try to get to Bremer Bay. The highlight here is the killer whale tours that run from January to mid-April. There is also swimming, surfing and fishing at the pristine beaches. In wildflower season, walks through Fitzgerald River National Park will have you surrounded in colour.

Things to do in Albany

  • Much more exhilarating was going on a whale watching cruise (May to October).
Valley of the Giants
Valley of the Giants

Albany to Wapole

🚙 120km, 1 hours 30 minutes

Things to do on the way

Take a detour into the stunning William Bay National Park. Snorkel, swim or just take in the views at Greens Pool and Elephant Rock. It was pouring with rain when we came through here, we’re still dark about that!

Things to do in Walpole

Walpole is the perfect base for a day trip to the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk. The weather cleared for our look through here which is lucky because you spend a lot of time looking up! The Old Tingle Trees are colossal.

Stay at Rest Point Holiday Village and watch the stingrays come right up to the jetty to get a feed from local fisherman.

Pemberton Discovery Tour

Walpole to Margaret River

🚙 253km, 2 hours 55 minutes

Things to do on the way

We stopped at Pemberton and did a 4wd trip to the Yeagarup inland dunes. It was spectacular and we really recommend it.

If you like a natural landmark, head to Cape Leeuwin where the Southern Ocean meets the Indian Ocean. You can also tour the lighthouse – the tallest on mainland Australia.

Things to do in Margaret River

  • Margaret River is known for its amazing mix of food and wine, great beaches and nature and wildlife.
  • Ride the waves at the areas famous surf beaches or relax at the more sheltered bay in Yallingup.
  • Go stingray and dolphin spotting at Hamelin Bay.

Possible side trips if you have time

Pop down to Augusta, Cape Leeuwin and the lighthouse if you didn’t get to it on your drive from Walpole.

Or go up to Cape Naturaliste for a tour of the lighthouse or whale watching June to September.

Hikers might want to look into the multi day, 123km Cape to Cape Hike from Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse.

Busselton Jetty
Busselton Jetty

Margaret River to Busselton or Bunbury

🚙 50km, 40 minutes to Busselton and 101km, 1 hour 20 minutes

You could stop at either of Busselton or Bunbury before your final drive to Perth. We have stayed in both towns and preferred Busselton – there was a bit more to do and, for us, had a nicer feel.

Things to do in Busselton

Explore the Busselton Jetty. Catch a train or walk to the end for the views, snorkel in the protected snorkelling area, or see the amazing marine life from the Underwater Observatory. You can even don a helmet and walk around the reef or take a guided underwater sculpture tour!

  • Go climbing and ziplining in the Ludlow-Tuart Forest
  • Visit the ArtGeo Cultural Precinct
  • Relax at the cafes, playgrounds and swimming area along the jetty foreshore
  • Head out on the water to the best Whale Watching sites

Things to do in Bunbury

Have a dolphin encounter at the Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre. We did this and the cruise mentioned below and preferred seeing the dolphins swimming around. But if you have never seen dolphins up close, the Discovery Centre is a Monkey Mia-like experience.

Go on a dolphin cruise and meet some of the many resident dolphins in Koombana Bay.

For families, the Bunbury Wildlife Park is also good fun.

Rottnest Island Quokka
Rottnest Island Quokka
Rottnest Whales
Rottnest Whale Watching
Freemantle Gaol
Freemantle Gaol

Busselton or Bunbury to Perth

🚙 Busselton to Perth 222km, 2 hours 30 minutes, Bunbury to Perth 169km, 1 hour 55 minutes

You have made it to Perth!

Perth is a vibrant city with lots of attractions and plenty of great day trips including cruises to Rottnest Island for the day or heading to Fremantle. In Fremantle, we recommend the prison tour. The guides are fantastic and if you want to do something really amazing, try the Tunnels Tour in a canoe.

If you are continuing north from Perth, make sure you check out our Perth to Exmouth road trip guide. It is one of our favourite drives in Australia because there is so much incredible scenery and great snorkelling.

Adelaide to Perth Road Trip FAQ’s


How far is it from Adelaide to Perth?

This Adelaide to Perth road trip itinerary is nearly 3300km. If you want to shave off a bit of time, you can go via Kalgoorlie then on to Perth. Adelaide to Perth via Kalgoorlie is about 2700kms.

Best Weather

When is the Best Weather for the Adelaide to Perth Road Trip?

The time to avoid this road trip is summer, it can get ridiculously hot which is not fun for sightseeing. Outside of summer, your Adelaide to Perth road trip has seasonal highlights. In winter you’ll see whales at the Head of the Bight. In spring, it’s wildflower season and a spectacular time at many of the stops.


Where can I get fuel on an Adelaide to Perth Road Trip?

From Adelaide to Ceduna in the east and Norseman to Perth in the west, there are regular opportunities to re-fuel. It is the bit in between that concerns some travellers. There are roadhouses dotted along the Nullarbor. A good rule of thumb is to top up every time you get to one – then you won’t have a problem. There are also charging points across the Nullarbor for electric cars.

Road Conditions

What are the Adelaide to Perth road conditions?

The main road is sealed between Adelaide and Perth. This is the case for both the inland and coastal routes.

Phone Coverage

What is the phone coverage on the Nullarbor?

It will depend on your carrier. Telstra has the best coverage in the remote parts of this road trip. With Telstra you might still hit some dead spots, but signal is pretty good generally. If you are with another carrier you won’t do so well. Consider getting a Telstra SIM even if it is just for the Nullarbor Plain leg of the drive.

How many days?

How many days do I need to for a Nullarbor Road Trip?

If you are doing this drive for a holiday, allow at least 16 days for your Perth to Adelaide road trip. You can do it in less – but then you will see less. Give yourself three days to get across the Nullarbor from Streaky Bay to Norseman, there is a surprising amount to see.

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Adelaide to Perth Road Trip
Adelaide to Perth Road Trip
Adelaide to Perth Road Trip
Adelaide to Perth Road Trip
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