Tasmania casts a spell on everyone who visits. Hike through pristine wilderness, cruise along the rugged coastline and meet the local wildlife. Immerse yourself in some of Australia’s earliest history; experience it in all its beauty and brutality.

Tasmania’s capital Hobart has restaurants, markets and shops for even the most discerning travellers. From some of Australia’s best known museums and galleries to its rugged beauty, Tasmania will cast a spell on you too.


TASmania faq’s

Is Tasmania too cold to visit in Winter?

Everyone feels the cold differently but don’t think Australia’s southern most state is a no go zone in winter. The air crisp and perfect for exploring Tasmania’s beautiful forests and coastline. It is the perfect time to explore Tasmania’s snow capped peaks including Mount Wellington that looks down over Hobart.

The west coast will be wetter in winter than the east coast, but you will still have plenty of dry days to get around. We have travelled around Tassie in August, and it was wonderful. We couldn’t get enough of the fresh, damp air into us. It was also much quieter time to do some sightseeing. Best of all, you get to end your day in front of a roaring log fire.

Do I need a National Park Pass?

A National Park pass is required to enter all parks in Tasmania. There are three levels of pass available – Daily, Holiday and Annual. The daily pass does not include entry to Cradle Mountain. The Holiday pass is valid for 2 months and does include Cradle Mountain entry. Even if you are only in Tassie for a week, the Holiday Pass is better value than paying for a couple of daily passes. And let’s be honest, If you are going to Tasmania, you’ll be visiting at least a couple of their amazing wilderness areas!

What wildlife can I see in Tasmania?

Tasmania is a wildlife spotters wonderland. From a dozen endemic bird species to the elusive platypus, wombats, and, of course, Tassie devils, there are many chances to take in the state’s fauna. There are wildlife sanctuaries like Unzoo on the Tasman Peninsula, Bonorong near Hobart and Platypus House in Launceston.

On a visit to Maria Island, you’ll spot wombats, wallabies and tassie devils. Head to Bicheno to see Little penguins and keep an eye out at Mount Field for a platypus. Try a nature cruise around Bruny or Tasman island. The scenery is spectacular, but you can also see everything from dolphins and seals to whales, tuna schools and a beautiful shy albatross.

Wilderness Cruise

Waterfalls, sea caves, and wildlife. Tasman Island cruises have it all. Get off the walking trails and onto the water for this unique experience!

The Tasman Peninsula is a spectacular place. If you have four days, you can get a great view of it on the Three Capes Track. You could drive between lookouts and take in the dramatic coastline. But, for a completely different perspective, you can’t beat the view from the water.

Looking for a day trip from Hobart?

The nice thing about Australia’s smallest state is in a day you can cover a lot of ground. An historic village? Convict history? Walking with wombats? It’s all possible on a day trip from Hobart.

A Few Top Tassie Picks

It’s little wonder Tasmania is such so popular with travellers. Around every corner there is another beautiful landscape, another pretty sandstone village. It doesn’t matter how long you spend in Tasmania you’ll always wish you had a little longer.

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