Who are we?

We are Natalie and Steve. We’re based in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. We travel Australia, exploring its beautiful landscape and getting up close to the wildlife.

As a family of four, we did a lap around Australia for seven months in a camper trailer. With the kids grown up we are off having new adventures, exploring new locations and re-visiting our favourite places without the kids in tow.

what do we do?

We’re storytellers. There is a story in every travel adventure whether it’s discovering a secluded bay, swimming with manta rays, or just trying to light the campground BBQ.

The experience – good or bad, the sights, sounds and smell – all create a lasting memory, a story waiting to be told.

Why are we blogging?

No matter if it’s a trip to the Kimberley or a day trip from home, travel and discovery can have a positive impact on your life. And that’s why we blog about it.

We want to inspire you to see Australia. It can be hard to break routines and get your life organised. Our stories are here to provide a little push, to help you start planning that trip you have always wanted to do.

Travellers love talking about what they have been up to. As we re-kindle your travel memories, we look forward to you hearing about your experiences too.

See you on the road!

camping stories

Adelaide Hills Sculpture Trail & Wineries

Adelaide Hills Sculpture Trail & Wineries

Following the Adelaide Hills sculpture trail is a great way to explore the region. Completed in 2019, the trail takes you to some of the Adelaide Hills most picturesque towns and beyond. The Adelaide Hills is also well known for its wines. As you make your way around...

Mt Surprise Fossicking

Mt Surprise Fossicking

Mt Surprise and fossicking go hand in hand. For Nat, Mt Surprise fossicking was the first chance to test her plan of funding our trip around Australia with gems. It was a simple enough idea and, with young kids helping, how could it possibly go wrong? . How do you...

5 New Year’s Resolutions of a Traveller

5 New Year’s Resolutions of a Traveller

On a sunset tour of Mungo National Park, I was about to take a carefully planned photo when someone walked into my shot and started taking selfies. I was about to desecrate this special place with some frustrated words directed at the photo-bombing selfie taker, but...