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Hi, thanks for stopping by

We‘re Natalie and Steve. We love getting together with other travellers, sharing information and helping you plan your next holiday in Australia.

We’ve been travelling Australia for over ten years and have heaps of firsthand experience on a range of destinations, tours and activities. So, if you want to ‘know before you go’, we can help you out.

From daytrips and wildlife tours to accommodation reviews and local sights, we’ll share our experiences so you can put together the perfect itinerary.

Our story…

Our travels kicked into high gear when we did a lap of Australia with the kids. They’re grown up now, but we are off having new adventures, exploring different locations and re-visiting our favourite places.

When we’re not travelling we live in the Adelaide Hills. We love being tourists in our own backyard so if you are looking for information on SA we’re the local experts.

We enjoy everything about the outdoors but our special interest is wildlife. We’ll try to spot anything from carnivorous black snails in the Otway Ranges to manta rays on Ningaloo Reef. We’re not always successful, but we sure have fun trying!

Why ‘Curious Campers’?

The beauty of a secluded bay, the thrill of seeing an animal in the wild, the colour of an outback sunset. We all have a favourite travel memory we love talking about.

For us, the key to creating these is curiosity. What’s over that hill? Where does this track go? Will we spot an echidna here at dusk? Let’s visit that place we always drive past…

So, the name of our website is also our motto – Curious Campers.  Does it mean everything we do on our trips is a winner? No! But, it does keep our travels pretty interesting, and it means we’ll have some great info – about the good and the not so good – to share with you.

Let’s stay in touch

We’d love to keep helping you with ideas for your travels around Australia so don’t be a stranger!

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See you on the road.

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