Western Australia

Western Australia is a vast state with everything from ancient gorges and canyons to towering forests and rugged coastlines. Even in its vibrant capital Perth, this is a state thats size and remoteness fuels a sense of excitement and awe.

From the forests and wine regions in the south to the clash of red earth and turquoise water in the north of the state, Western Australia delivers travellers a frontier experience of unimaginable beauty.

Western Australia
Western Australia

Western Australia faq’s

Why should you go to Ningaloo Reef?

We’re always amazed how many people have not heard of Ningaloo Reef, but it is our go to spot for great snorkelling. The only tricky thing about Ningaloo is also one of the reasons it is so good. Being 1200 kms north of Perth, it is more isolated than the Great Barrier Reef – but it is also way less impacted by tourism.

The best access points to Ningaloo are Exmouth and Coral Bay. Once you are there, you don’t have to book a cruise, the reef is only 50m from the beach! You’ll see everything from colourful fish to turtles rays and dugongs. There are tours to the outer reef where you can swim with Manta rays and it’s the only place in Australia where you can swim with whale sharks. Getting there is an adventure, but you won’t regret it.

When is the best time to visit Western Australia?

Western Australia is Australia’s biggest state and has a couple of climate zones. North of Kalbarri there are two seasons. From May to October the weather is beautiful and is the best time to travel. From November to April, it gets very hot and humid. Temperatures regularly reach above 40 degrees and the top third of state is subject to flooding monsoonal rain.

Below Kalbarri you get the more traditional four seasons. Summers can still be hot but near the coast there are cooling sea breezes. For much of the year in this half of Western Australia, there are mostly clear skies. When you travel will only be determined by what you want to see and whether you particularly want to avoid the height of summer or the middle of winter.

Do I need a National Park Pass?

Park fees apply to many of Western Australia’s National Parks such as Nambung (The Pinnacles), Karijini and Cape Le Grand. There are 5, 14 and 28 day holiday passes and an annual pass available. You can also pay a daily casual rate per vehicle. There are separate Attraction Passes for some sites and activities such Monkey Mia, the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk and the Rockingham penguin experience.

The Puppies of the Sea

Swimming with sea lions is a wildlife experience no other. These puppies of the sea are curious, playful and quite happy to come up and say hello to any people that swim into their patch of water. 

Jurien Bay is a seaside town 220 kilometres north off Perth.  Jurien Bay is home to a colony of Australian sea lions and swimming with them is one of the most fun experiences you’ll have.

Things to do on the Coral Coast

The Coral Coast stretches for 1100km north of Perth and includes Jurien Bay, Denham, Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef. It’s a where the desert meets the sea, you can swim with whale sharks and see ancient stromatolites.

WA’s Underwater World

The West Australian coast is paradise for anyone who likes getting in the water with a facemask and snorkel. Marvel at the coral gardens on Ningaloo Reef, come face to face with a playful sea lion in Jurien Bay or swim alongside a giant whale shark.

The Best of the West

Western Australia is big in size and big on beauty. You’ll get a saw chin from how often you experience a place of Jaw dropping beauty. Karijini National Par, the Pinnacles, Valley of the Giants, Staircase to the Moon. Everything is on a big scale in WA – get ready to be impressed!

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