The Otway Fly & Treetop Walk

The Otway Fly & Treetop Walk is a great way to see the forest. Get a thrilling view as you zipline or you can enjoy it at a more relaxed pace on the Treetop Walk.

The Otway zipline is set in the Otway Ranges rainforest. The idea is that you put on a harness that clips onto a cable. With your arms and legs free to move, you leave the platform and zip along the cable to the next tree which is up to 70 metres away. Each tree you come to has a landing platform – called a cloud station – where you get a view bird’s eye view of the forest.

Book ahead for the Otway Fly

Our Otway Fly adventure nearly ended before it even started. We turned up at the office expecting to pay and be zipping half an hour later. When the staff asked what name our booking was in, we had one of those ‘oh crap’ moments.

So, especially during school holiday periods but also if you want to avoid a pointless argument over why neither of you thought to book, when you are planning your Great Ocean Road adventure it is worth getting online to organise your zipline adventure. Luckily, a cancellation came in as we stood at the desk. Our zip was back on track.

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Otway Fly

Kit up for the Otway Fly

One of the cool things about this activity is that you get to dress up. You’re taken into a room where a couple of guides talk you through what’s instore then go about getting you into your harness and helmet.

The harnesses have straps and bits of metal hanging off them everywhere but somehow the guides get you rigged up without even needing to leave your chair. By the time the carabiners are fastened and the straps tightened, you feel like you are ready to scale a mountain.

If it all sounds a bit intimidating don’t worry. It couldn’t be better organised. From getting kitted up in your harness and helmet, to the safety talks and practice zip – it’s all done very well. The instructors are great. They’re reassuring, enthusiastic and focussed on making sure you have a safe and fun time

What to expect on the Otway Fly

Now, the ziplining. Is it a hoot? You bet it is. Flying between the trees with so much freedom of movement is an amazing sensation. Is it a great way to see the forest? That comes down to the type of person you are.

If you are a bit of a thrill seeker who, when life speeds up, can see things in slow motion, you’ll get a great view. If not, then you’ll start relaxing about the time you get to the last line.

Don’t get me wrong. The view from the cloud stations is fantastic. Along the way, the guides point out some impressive trees and views of interest. But while zipping, the scenery isn’t top of mind. I found myself thinking more about my take offs and landings more than the 400-year-old blackwood tree over there on the left.

It’s not a criticism of the activity – it’s great fun and the forest is spectacular. There isn’t a more beautiful place to be flying 30 metres above the ground. I was just too ‘excited’ by the flight to notice any of it! But fear not, there’s more here than the just the Otway Fly.

Book before you go for your Otway Fly Treetop Zip Line Adventure

Otway Treetop Walk
Otway Treetop Walk
Otway Treetop Walk
Otway Treetop Walk

Otway Tree Top Walk

If the thrill of flying along a cable is too distracting, or if it isn’t your thing, there is also a tree top walk. You can pay to only do the Treetop walk or it’s included in the price of the Fly. Here, you get a great view of the forest and you can do it at your own pace.

It is a short walk to the beginning of the treetop loop but there is plenty to see on the way. The first thing to look out for are fairies and elves. If you need any more convincing that the Otway Fly is a magical experience, you need look no further than the forest floor.

There are ten fairy dwellings scattered among the tree trunks in the forest. Children can collect a checklist to mark them all off as the make their way to the start of the walk. Each house has a letter assigned to it that makes a jumbled word for the kids to unscramble.

If fairies aren’t your thing, keep an eye out for the carnivorous Otway black snail. The fairies use them to guard their homes. Okay, maybe not, but the Otway black snail is a real thing and they really are meat-eaters. These tiny snails with their black and cream shells are found exclusively in the Otways. We didn’t spot any on our walk but there are signs around saying they are in the area.

Otway Fly Treetop Walk

Towers in the Trees

Having searched the forest floor for fairies and little black snails, it is time to go up. A collection of towers, sky walks and suspension bridges take you as much as 45 metres above the ground. Putting the forest aside for a moment, the geometry and engineering of the walk is itself a thing of beauty.

The spiral staircase, tall observation tower and multi-pronged paths of the walkway blend in sympathetically with the natural form of the forest. The integration of the walkway with the environment greatly adds to the experience of ascending into the forest canopy.

The walkways and towers provide a unique perspective of the forest. It is not hard to be impressed by the range and complexity of the plant life. Seeing the forest from top to bottom gives you a great appreciation for the size of the trees, the form and variety of the foliage and the diversity of the bird life.

Whether you zoom through the forest on the Otway fly or choose the spectacular walk through the treetops, they are both fantastic experiences. Especially if you are doing the Fly, give yourself a minimum of half a day for your visit. There is a nice cafeteria and playground. If you are taking a roadtrip along the Great Ocean Road take your time and enjoy all the sights, sounds and smells the rainforest has to offer. 

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Otway Fly
Otway Fly
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