Reed Lookout & The Balconies – What to Expect and Walking Guide

Reed Lookout and the Balconies is one of the most popular attractions in Grampians National Park in Victoria. It is easy to get to and the views across Victoria Valley are breathtaking. It is a great spot for sunset viewing and from Reed Lookout, you are just minutes from some of the best things to do in the Grampians. As well as Reed Lookout, there is also a short walk to the Balconies; another viewing area where you can see some gravity-defying rock formations.

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Reed Lookout

Getting to Reed Lookout

Reed Lookout and the Balconies are on Mount Victory Road. If you are coming from Halls Gap, it is a 15-20 minute drive. You can also get to Reed Lookout and the Balconies from the Western Highway. Take the turn off onto Northern Grampians Road shortly before you reach Dadswell Bridge, home to the Giant Koala.

Reed Lookout Parking & Facilities

One of the best things about Reed Lookout is that from the carpark it is just a 30 second stroll to the view. So, if you have a bit of trouble getting around a rocky path or have young children, this is an accessible activity that lets you see some of best scenery in the Grampians. There is a generous carpark but during the holidays it can be busy.

To avoid the crowds, getting to the lookout early or late in the day is the way to go. As there is a westerly view, it is a great spot to watch the sunset. First thing in the morning is a good time to visit the lookout too as golden light floods the valley. There is no picnic facilities or toilets at Reed Lookout.

Reed Lookout
Reed Lookout

What do you see at Reed Lookout?

From its elevation of around 760m the first thing you see from the main lookout area is the sweeping view over Victoria Valley to the Victoria Range. If you walk up towards the fire tower you also get views back in the other direction to Lake Wartook, the Serra Range – one of the longest in the Grampians – and the Mount Difficult Range.

Of course, exactly what you see will depend on the weather. We have been here three times and are yet to see a cloudless blue sky at Reed Lookout. The view can be so fogged in you can’t see from one end of the car park to the other! It can also be bitingly cold when the wind gets up here – and it is not at all uncommon for there to be a breeze. So, if you are visiting at either end of the day, plan for it to be a cooler, possibly a lot cooler, than it is on the plains.

Balconies Walking Trail
The Balconies Walking Trail

The Balconies Walk

Another feature of Reed Lookout is the Balconies. It is a 2km return walk to the Balconies from the Reed Lookout Carpark on a gently sloping dirt track. Look for the path at the opposite end of the carpark to the fire tower. It is a pretty walk that can be quite atmospheric when you’re walking through clouds. In spring the bush surrounding track is dotted with colourful wildflowers.

A little bridge takes you across a small but spectacular flow of rock and, even though it is a gentle walk, there are seats carved from tree stumps along the way where you can watch the birds or take in the scenery. There are twin viewing platforms at the Balconies with both more great views across the valley and the rock features that give the place its name.

Balconies Lookout
Balconies Lookout

The Balconies

Known in some parts as the Jaws of Death, The Balconies are a couple of craggy fingers of rock sticking out of the side of the hill. When you have a close look at them, which you can do from the lookouts if you are not fogged in, you’ll see a network of vertical and horizontal cracks running through them.

It is not hard to imagine that one morning you’ll make the walk to the Balconies and discover they have collapsed and disappeared into the valley below. They really are fractured to the point where they seem to be defying gravity. One of the viewing areas here is itself on a protruding plank of rock, happily it seems in much better shape than the main jaws. There are more sunset viewing vantage points here and like Reed Lookout, it is also a great spot to watch clouds roll in over the distant ranges.

Boroka Lookout
Boroka Lookout over Halls Gap © Julian Kingma

Things to do near Reed Lookout

From Reed Lookout you are a short drive from some of the Grampians best attractions:

  • Reed Lookout to Mackenzie Falls – 10 minutes There are lots of waterfalls in the Grampians and these are the most popular as they run year-round. View the falls from upper and lower vantage points. From Mackenzie Falls you can also walk to the pretty Fish Falls and on To Zumsteins Picnic Area.
  • Reed Lookout to Zumsteins Picnic Area – 15 minutes – This is a lovely spot for a picnic and the walk to Fish Falls from here has lots of wildlife.
  • Reed Lookout to Boroka Lookout – 11 minutes – If you can’t get enough of those Grampians vistas, check out Baroka Lookout for views over Halls Gap and Lake Bellfield. It is a short, easy walk to two viewing areas from the carpark.
  • Reed Lookout to Wonderland Carpark – 15 minutes – This is the trailhead to some of the Grampians best known attractions including Pinnacle Lookout, the Grand Canyon and Splitters Falls.
  • Reed Lookout to Sundial Carpark – 15 minutes – Sundial Carpark is a nice picnic spot and the trailhead for hikes to The Pinnacle, Sundial Peak and Mount Rosea.

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Reed Lookout
Reed Lookout
Reed Lookout
Reed Lookout & The Balconies
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