Quick Guide to the Triplet Falls Walk & Picnic Area

Triplet Falls is a great place to take in the beauty of the Otway Rainforest and learn a little about the history of the area – but be warned. If you are after spectacular waterfall viewing in the Otway National Park, there are better options including Little Aire Falls which are at the same location.

Read our guide to Triplet Falls to see what to expect.

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Fern Walk

Triplet Falls at a Glance

🚶 2km medium difficulty loop walk. There are some steps and uphill sections

📷 Not great views of the waterfalls

🚽 There are toilets and picnic tables

🚙 Plenty of parking

🐶  Dogs are not allowed on the Triplet Falls walk

💧 You cannot swim at Triplet Falls

Triplet Falls

Getting to Triplet Falls

Triplet Falls are near Beech Forest in Otway National Park. The easiest way to get to the falls is from Apollo Bay via the Forrest – Apollo Bay Road and the Beech Forrest. If you are coming from Port Campbell, make your way towards Beech Forest via Lavers Hill.

Turn on to Phillips Track from the Beech Forest – Lavers Hill Road. It is about 7km to the Triplet Falls Picnic Ground. The first 4km of Philips Track are sealed, the last 3km are on a dirt road suitable for 2wd. You go past the entrance for the Otway Fly on your way.

When you get there, you’ll find a generous car park with several parking areas, picnic tables and toilets.

Triplet Falls History

Triplet Falls Walk

The Triplet Falls Circuit is a 2km medium difficulty track. There are a few steps along the way and some short uphill sections. Some sections of the path are on metal walkways, but you will also be walking along dirt tracks.

The signs all guide you to do the walk in a clockwise direction, starting from the car park and working your way towards the three waterfall viewing areas.

Along the way you go through some stunning forest with giant 300 year old Mountain Ash trees dotted along the path. Their height and the size of the trunks are just incredible. Along with enormous tree ferns and myrtle beech trees, it is a lovely forest walk.

Towards the end of the walk, there is a moss covered logging wagon and information about the forestry that used to occur in the area.

Triplet Falls
Triplet Falls

Triplet Falls

The waterfall section of the walk is along the final third of the track. We had already done the Little Aire Falls Walk and were continuing around the Triplet Falls Loop. With weary legs we were a bit excited to see a viewing platform appear ahead of us and hear flowing water. But when we got there, the view of the lower cascade of Triplet Falls was largely obscured.

Just next to the viewing platform, people have created a dirt track down to the river which might be your best chance of getting a better view, but it would be a slippery trek down if it is wet.

Not much further along there are two more viewing platforms where there is a similar glimpse of the upper cascade. You get a slightly better view of the top cascade from the final lookout, but by Beauchamp or Hopetoun Falls standards, it is a little underwhelming.

If you are just looking to tick off Otway’s waterfalls, you could walk the loop anticlockwise from the car park and get to waterfall viewing platforms more quickly than doing then full loop.

Little Aire Waterfall
Little Aire Waterfall

Little Aire Falls Walk

We also did the 4.5km return walk to Little Aire Falls. The track runs off the Triplet Falls loop about 400m into the walk if you are going in the recommended clockwise direction. It is described as difficult with rough, steep sections but we thought that was a bit over the top. The undulating track took us about 75 minutes in total.

The forest scenery is amazing and Little Aire Falls were spectacular. We rejoined the Triplet Falls Loop and decided afterwards that we would have been just as happy only doing the Little Aire Falls Walk. We didn’t see anyone else on the track which was a bonus too.

Triplet Falls Platform
Triplet Falls Platform

Is Triplet Falls walk worth doing?

If you have your heart set on seeing a stunning waterfall, you might be left wanting more from the Triplet Falls Walk.

But if you are happy with a beautiful forest walk, the sound of running water and catching a glimpse of the cascades this is still a nice walk.

The Triplet Falls walk will take you less than half the time of the Little Aire Falls track so if you have other sightseeing to do it is a quicker option.

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Triplet Falls
Triplet Falls
Triplet Falls
Triplet Falls
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