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 “I’ve just read the first issue & I loved it. I can’t wait to do the things you highlight, kayaking with a platypus, swimming with seals, zip-lining & only hope I remember all these things when we get to those parts of the world. At least I know where to look back to when I’m planning holidays. A great read. Thanks for putting it together.” Janine

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Want to experience the best Australian attractions such as swimming with seals, climbing Australia’s highest peak or ziplining through a forest? We specialize in exploring  amazing destinations and getting up close and personal with the wildlife as we travel around Australia.


If you know where to look, Australia is teaming with wildlife. From searching for echidnas and whale watching to swimming with manta rays, there is something for everyone.


Are you setting off on a road trip for a couple of weeks or planning a trip around Australia? Follow along to plan your journey and make sure you don’t drive past a must see destination!


Would you love to experience the exhiliaration of a flight over the Bungle Bungles? Or perhaps kayaking down Harriet River on Kangaroo Island or even snorkel Ewens Ponds in SA?