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Australian Travel Stories

Whether you are out and about on the weekend or on the road full time, here at Curious Campers we want to inspire you to discover everything that is great about Australia.

But, as we explore beautiful landscapes and see amazing wildlife, sometimes we hit a speed bump. Like you get at work or home, things don’t go to plan or you’re undone by bad luck, your own stupidity or the universe deciding to have a laugh at your expense.

Our Chin Wag stories are the everyday stuff that happen to us on the road. They are a little behind the scenes look at the things that make us laugh and cry between, and sometimes during, our adventures.

From the dilemma of choosing a new camping chair to wildlife spotting fails, we hope these honest postcards from the road give you a laugh and perhaps reassure you that you’re not the only one these things happen to!

Noises in the Night

On the eve of our trip around Australia, calling the police was the last thing we expected to...

Fire up the BBQ

Firing up the BBQ is a great camping tradition. We all have our secret recipes and funny BBQ...

Back it up

If you’re towing a caravan or camper trailer, the last twenty metres of your journey are often the...